Push Notification

Push Notifications are a great marketing tool for properties who like to stay connected with their guests. Be it updating about Check-in process closer to a date of travel or an update about new offers to loyal customers. Also, push notifications have seen a great click-through-rate over traditional marketing tools.

Please ensure that Trilyo code snippets have already been uploaded on you.  How to Deploy!

How to enable Push Notifications?

Enabling Push Notification on Trilyo is very easy. Go to "In-app Messaging" from the Navigation Bar and select "Push Notifications". Enable it to start Push Notification on your property website.

How do send a Notification to my user?

You can only send Push Notification to users who have opted for the services. Ok, now that you know whom to send, let's see the step by step process of sending push notification to customers.

Step 1 - Create a list (segment) of Customers who have opted in for Push Notification.  

Step 2 - Create a campaign under Push Notification and you are all set to go. 

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