Getting Started: 3 Steps to setup success

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Follow these 3 steps and in no time get the most value out of Trilyo. We'll try to make it as basic as we can to help you start using Trilyo the best way, right away. By the end of these steps, you can expect the following results -

  •    Step 1 - Start getting leads within minutes of deployment
  •    Step 2 - Reply up to 80% of your guest queries automatically
  •    Step 3 - Grow your direct booking by over 37%

Login to your Trilyo dashboard and follow the steps mentioned below. It might take you up to 20-30 minutes on each step per day, or be a dynamo and knock through all of them in a couple of hours.

Step 1

Bot Details

Your first step to start using Trilyo is to set up the right bot details and followed by deployment. To fill bot details, go to "Information" page in the navigation bar and click on "Bot Details" mentioned under Bot Settings. Please note we've already populated some basic details for you. Hope you'll like it.

Preparing Bot for the Deployment

Now that you’ve filled in the details, go to “Settings” and click “Configuration”.  "Configuration screen allows you to deploy bot across multiple platforms. Depending on your subscription plan, you can deploy on your website, Facebook Messenger and so on.

Bot Deployment

You’ll find Trilyo Pixel code to paste on your hotel pages. Copy the code and paste the snippets of the code to the header or footer on all pages of your hotel website including booking engine. This will allow Trilyo to track the guest interactions end to end. Read a step by step guide on how to insert code into your website hereIf the booking is managed by a third party company, then you can share the same pixel with them.  

We recommend to disable bot in the booking engine as it may  hamper the user experience in the buying process. To know more about how to disable bot on a specific URL, please refer - How to use URL Config

Step 2

Adding Property

Adding a property to your bot is fairly simple. Just click on "Add Property" in the Bot Details section and a form with Property Details opens up. You can assign any name to the property, however, we recommend names already used on your hotel website. For e.g. "My Hotel, Sydney" or "My Hotel, London". It is quite possible that you may have multiple properties in the same city, in those cases we recommended appending locality name, for e.g. "My Hotel, Westminster". CRS Email IDs are the email address where you'd want to receive your lead information like, Tags help guests find your properties with quickly say "which locations have a swimming pool?" or "property to city centre"

Adding Room

You can add room details by selecting "Rooms" in Bot Settings. You just need to include 4 fields namely "Image", "Room Name", "Short Description" & "Amenities". Though you have the freedom to add any image & name to the room, we recommend to keep it same as the website to avoid any confusion for the guest.

Adding Other Bot Settings

Repeat the above-mentioned room to fill in the other details of "Bot Settings". Although it is not mandatory to fill in all the details, the more the information the easier it gets for the AI engine to understand more about your property. However, we insist to add at least “Room Details” after adding “Property”.

Step 3

Smart Replies

With Smart replies being updated, our AI engine will reply to customer query instantly, start capturing customer behaviour and ultimately funnel them down to your existing booking engine. So now you know how we convert your booking engine to a direct booking magnet.  The best part about Smart Replies is that you don't have to take the pain of training the AI engine because we’ve already trained. So you just have to reply whichever is relevant and leave others blank.

Voila! Here we come to the end of our setup process. If you'd like to reach us, please do so by sending us an email or raising a ticket here.

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