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Users are team members of hotel or resorts or hostels or any other business of similar who have access to Trilyo. This article talks about managing your accounts. 

Creating a new Account

Go to the "Sign Up" page, fill in all the fields, select the checkbox and click on the "Sign Up" button. Please make sure you enter your full name, work email (preferred), phone number with country code. This will save you from re-doing the task in the future.  

Done. Your new account with Trilyo is live. Complete your registration by verifying your email ID. Do look for a verification email sent to your official email ID. Once you have verified your email ID, you are all set to start using your Trilyo Account. 

You can find out all the information about setting up your Chatbot by clicking here -  

Managing your Account

Managing your account is simple in Trilyo. You can access your profile either through "Settings" from Navigation Bar or you can quickly access it as shown in the image below -

Adding/Removing Team Members

Currently, we do not support creating and deleting team members from our dashboard. If you wish to add/remove team members, send us an email at with team member details, we'll set that up for you.

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