Create & Managing Customer List/Segment

An important step to start using marketing services on Trilyo platform is to set up your customer list. Trilyo list is where you’ll store and manage all your contact data, no matter if the guest comes through Chatbot or Conversion cards or any other channel. In this article, you'll learn about creating and managing a list on Trilyo.

How to Create List?

Creating a list is one of the easiest tasks. Go to "Lists" from the Navigation Bar and click on "Create Segment".

Now define a "Segment Name" and add a "Description". Please note description is for internal use only. You can filter customers based on any number of parameters as per the business case. Refer image below - 

Now click "Create Segment" and you're done. 

How to Modify List?

To modify an existing list, click on the edit button next to the list name and change the criteria as per your need and click on update.

 How to Delete List?

To delete an existing list, click on delete segment to remove the list from the database.

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