Connecting Trilyo to Myallocator

Now you can connect your Cloudbeds Myallocator to Trilyo to show real-time room availability, rates and create FOMO messaging to grow your hotels' direct booking conversions. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide on how to connect Myallocator & sync accounts.

Before you proceed with the steps mentioned below, make sure you've completed the following -

You do not need MyAllocator Setup if you are using Trilyo's Cloudbeds Integration
You've  an active Myallocator Account -   MyAllocator Setup Guide
You've declared your room types in Myallocator -  Myallocator Room Setup
And you've created similar room types in your Trilyo Account as well. If you haven't done it yet, here's a link to help you - 

Step I

Go to "Settings" from Navigation Bar on your Trilyo dashboard and select "Myallocator" from "Integrations" section. 

Step II

Click on Myallocator, choose the property you wish to connect to Trilyo and click on button "Show" (as shown below) to see the password. Please note that you'll have to repeat this process to connect each property individually.

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 6.14.48 PM.png

Step III

Now Login to your Myallocator account, select the same property and go to Channels Page. Click "Add Channel" and select Trilyo channel from your list.

Step IV

Enter your Trilyo "User Name" and "Password" from Step II and click "Next". Make sure & confirm that the credentials you are entering belong to the same property. Please re-verify to avoid any discrepancies in room availability and price on Chatbot. 

Step V

Map the room types between Myallocator and Trilyo. Click Next when done. Please refer to Distribution Channel Mapping Guideline if you need assistance in mapping.

Add base rate adjustments if needed and 'Voila' your setup is complete. Keep the box checked on this page to send a full refresh to the channel. In some time the rooms and inventory will be synced to Trilyo and your guests will be able to book directly from Trilyo chatbot and push the bookings into Myallocator.

P.S. - In case you want to use a payment gateway which needs to collect payments before pushing bookings to Myallocator, please send an email to Trilyo Support.

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