Connecting Trilyo to Cloudbeds

Now you can connect your Cloudbeds to Trilyo to show real-time room availability, rates, add FOMO & nudge messaging & recover abandoned Cart to grow your hotels' direct booking conversions. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide on how to connect Cloudbeds & sync accounts.

Before you proceed with the steps mentioned below, make sure you've completed the following -

You've  an active  Myfrontdesk  Cloudbeds Account -  Myfrontdesk Setup Guide

Step I

Go to "Settings" from Navigation Bar on your Trilyo dashboard and select "Cloudbeds" from "Integrations" section. 

Step II

After selecting Cloudbeds, click "Connect to Cloudbeds". On the following screen, login with Cloudbeds credentials and authorize Trilyo by clicking on “Approve”

Step III

Log in with your cloudbeds credentials and then authorize Trilyo application by clicking on "Approve".

Step IV

After granting the permission, you will be taken to a page where you need to allow push notifications. This will enable you to receive notifications whenever there is a new booking, any guest has done web check-in or if the guest has given any feedback. 


Step V

You are just a couple of steps away from completing the process. Although Myfrontdesk has been integrated, we are just one step away from completing cart recovery as well. Go to "Manage" section on your Frontdesk dashboard.

Now, select "Customize mybookings". 

And insert Trilyo code snippets in "Custom Meta tags" as shown in the example and click on save. And that's it!

Step VI

Go to My Bookings and copy the booking URL

Step VII

In Trilyo Dashboard Go to Settings->Cloudbeds similar to "Step I", and paste the url in "MyBookings URL" text box

Now on this screen, you can also choose to Send SMS to guests upon booking, before arrival for Web Check-in/Express Check-in, When guest checks in and also when the guest checks out to collect feedback

And you're all set to increase direct bookings.

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